Sikamikanico (bendiviolet) wrote in hautethought,

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Is there such a thing as absolute reality? Or is all reality relative to who is perceiving it?
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I would say there is an absolute reality but I think it's beyond our capability (at this stage of our evolution, perhaps?) to take it all in without filters.

Otherwise, I'd have to say if my mind is creating all of this I'm even crazier than I thought.
I'm not sure if I 100% agree with this theory, but I understand the logic.

But if two people were at the same concert, say, and one remembered the singer wearing a red shirt and one remembered them wearing a black singlet... leaving aside ideas such as asking the singer or checking a video of the gig...who's right? Each punter has created their own reality.
Maybe there's not an absolute reality in terms of "what is the colour of that shirt", but colours are one of those things that are relative .... one blends into the other on the colour scale ... while my pet cat isn't going to turn into a dog just because I decide it's a dog... and if you have shit on your shoe you're more likely to wipe it off instead of worrying about whether you're "only observing it as shit" ... unless you've spent too long in a Buddhist monestary :P