Andi Lennon (andispandex) wrote in hautethought,
Andi Lennon

Bleary eyed i face the day. Ever had one of those nights where you fully intend to get a solid 8 hours and instead end up devouring books till sunrise? Nothing beats a good read for sheer immersion. 
Anyway-my brains feeling pretty mossy right now and though my thoeretical rantology is highly stymied via the keyboard (honestly-get me chatting and my linguistic flair puts bob dobbs to shame) i thought i'd throw this out there..

Do ya reckon the internet with its hyperlinked nature of information distribution and disemination is one of humanities baby steps into evolving a kind of non local,quantum/holographic conciousness? Think about it. 
Oh and also the alchemic use of binary code =the rosetta stone?
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