Andi Lennon (andispandex) wrote in hautethought,
Andi Lennon

Wrapped in Synchronicity

Was up till 3.30 this morning poring over Watsons impeccable book 'lifetide' and it left me with some startling realisations. Almost all my speculative theories arrived upon via epiphanies and psychadelic insights have been at least partially confirmed by the schools of molecular biology and/or physics. This is not surprising when you consider the '100th Monkey Syndrome' which i have also attempted to explain and extrapolate in recent posts without even knowing of its existence details. Basically-it involves a study made that indicates after one breakthrough or development in ideas or physcological development occurs it is then aped and adapted by other members of the species or tribe who learn through mimicry or proximity how to integrate the development. But after a certain number of 'monkeys' attain this meme it seems to become part of the common stock of the collective unconcious and is readily available to all as sorm form of revelation or intrinsic insight. You might remember some earlier rambling posts i made about the mature of memetic dissemination along these lines and here it is confirmed and given a tangible mechanistic set of variables. Whoa! This is but one of many of my speculative insights that have been the subject of confirmation after the fact and it left me wondering-this particular book was published in the year of my birth. Could i have been one of the '100th monkeys' born with access to this knowledge written into my RNA?

And now to another odd phenomenon-that of synchronicities. I'm yet to determine the significance of this but in the introduction to Lifetide ,watson describes an encounter with a small girl who was in posession on an uncanny ability to seemingly warp the nature of from and literally 'turn a tennis ball inside out' without breaking its spherical seal.Leats leave the inevitable incredulity at such a statement at the door for a moment as i get to my point. The next day i found a tennis ball sitting on my couch. Where the fuck did it come from? I dont own any tennis balls and it certainly wasnt there the day before.My first reaction is that someone must brought it into the house and left it there-we had many visitors that week,but then of them from my knowledge are tennis afficionados! So before i ponder illuminati style paranoias and delusions please my friends-if you left the ball-let me know!
It reminds me of a similar experience i had whilst reading Robert anton Wilson and Robert Sheas startling 'Illuminatus Trilogy' for the first time (which i devoured in a single 3 days and nights speed addled sitting). Soon after a scene which involved a hypnotic suggestion resulting in the hallucination of a character hanged and disembowled i recieved a phonecall asking for a certain 'george dorn'. I wasnt quite with my senses at the time so casually replied -"nah-wrong number" but as soon as i hung up it hit me like a bolt of lightning. That was the character in the book. Curioser and curioser.
Theres a lot more to this but i'm gonna wind it up and speculate further before continuing to ramble but i'd be interested to share any tales of odd synchronous events or portents with others!
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