Andi Lennon (andispandex) wrote in hautethought,
Andi Lennon

The Universal Pulse

Okay-so i believe that the basic nature of all matter are vibrations of varying density/frequency and that lends itself to the idea that music is the most transcendent of all artforms because it affects us on a cellular level but just how prevalent is it ion our day to day lives?
One of the main reasons i try and use music to provoke thought/discussion and spread my agenda/manifesto is that I find people are naturally disarmed and their preconceptions tend to waver when an idea is presented in this form. Especially if the lyrics/phonetics are married sympathetically to a certain note or scale. Intuitive musicians have a knack for marrying the right notes to the corresponding themes. A really basic example of this would be how music is used to evoke emotions/sympathies etc etc in movie scores and sappy love ballads etc.
The bible says 'in the beginning was the word' and i'm forever caught musing about whether this was the OHM vibration or something approximating a harmony that contained some kind of mathematical code for the building blocks of all existence.
Advertisers and propaganda merchants have long ago reckoned with the powers of 'the responsive chord' to induce certain states and brain change and history is full of tales of music being used to charm and influence people (such as the tale of orpheus). At any rate i'd love to see some concrete data on this with regards to scales,harmonies, and their mathematic principles. Any takers?
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