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Are you a participant or a consumer?
The days of golden god are over,the need for archetypal avatars is fading. During the 20th century we were dependant on a top down media disseminating information and cultural memes, (i.e-they report,we imbine,they create,we consume) but those days are over. We are now all stars in a DIY firmament . The internet is a grand grand thing despite the proliferation of shit that plagues it-it has set us free. Even time magazine agrees,a risky move for any form of print based media. BEHOLD:,9171,1569514,00.html?aid=434&from=o&to=http%3A//
No longer can we whinge,cringe and complain without the realisation that its up to US to create an alternative. To create a (sub) culture that truly includes us all. To speak for ourselves,to add spice to the global stew,to camwhore ourselves on myspace. This century oughta be very interesting in terms of information dissemination and the ability to create our own signals. It's bound to enhance our evolutionary drive and throw the onus back on active participation as opposed to passive consumption-which can only be a good thing.

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