Andi Lennon (andispandex) wrote in hautethought,
Andi Lennon

The Universal Pulse

Okay-so i believe that the basic nature of all matter are vibrations of varying density/frequency and that lends itself to the idea that music is the most transcendent of all artforms because it affects us on a cellular level but just how prevalent is it ion our day to day lives?
One of the main reasons i try and use music to provoke thought/discussion and spread my agenda/manifesto is that I find people are naturally disarmed and their preconceptions tend to waver when an idea is presented in this form. Especially if the lyrics/phonetics are married sympathetically to a certain note or scale. Intuitive musicians have a knack for marrying the right notes to the corresponding themes. A really basic example of this would be how music is used to evoke emotions/sympathies etc etc in movie scores and sappy love ballads etc.
The bible says 'in the beginning was the word' and i'm forever caught musing about whether this was the OHM vibration or something approximating a harmony that contained some kind of mathematical code for the building blocks of all existence.
Advertisers and propaganda merchants have long ago reckoned with the powers of 'the responsive chord' to induce certain states and brain change and history is full of tales of music being used to charm and influence people (such as the tale of orpheus). At any rate i'd love to see some concrete data on this with regards to scales,harmonies, and their mathematic principles. Any takers?
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we know that the basic nature of all matter are vibrations of varying density/frequency...

We don't "know" is one belief about the nature of the universe.
okay fair enough. i guess the wording is fairly presumptious. brb!
What do you postulate in place of such a theory and how do we measure different forms of wave transmissions if not via their frequency?
Where does this leave deaf people?
VIBRATIONS! they can be felt by deaf people! Perhaps even more acutely. There is a great story about ac/dc playing a concert at a school for the deaf in the 70's. The kids all put their ears to the wooden floorboards and soaked up the vibrations and apparently they loved it!
heh yeah I dig that, I just meant, can you distinguish note's from vibrations alone? That Acca Dacca story makes me think maybe ya can... learn something new every day huh?

Math's and music? Listen to Mudvayne and Meshuggah and you'll see that it works and it works well.....

Even Marilyn Manson used numerology to create his Anti-Christ Superstar album, you can tell by reading the tabs... the same note's are used over and over in different patterns.....

I can't find an example that won't make you scoff... so I'll give up now.. hehe
How about the old Sesame Street favourite '8 Beautiful Notes'?

Brought to you, obviously, by the number 8.

The only song I remember from Sesame street was the co-operation song...

"co-operation... makes it happen... co-operation.. working together"... hmm, doesn't have the same ring to it anymore...

1..2..3..4..5..6..7. .7 prostitutes.

haha-i think he needs to do his sums again. I think he forgot to carry the talent. *L*
Its not so much about distinguishing the notes per se-more the ability to be moved by certain frequencies due to their harmonic resonance.
hahaha you are a funny funny man....

I get happy feelings from vibrations on the bus on the way to work....

No wait... I don't have a job... I just like riding the bus... :)
No wait... I don't have a job...
*swings and misses, in true loser style*

Easy. Emo music makes teenagers want to cut themselves.

Or maybe it has nothing to do with music, maybe it's because they ARE losers.

Oh well... forget I said anything.
haha-but is that the music itself or the cultural accoutrements? I will admit it makes me want to cut my ears off.

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I don't believe that...

Van Gogh accepted the commission?

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Do teenagers listen to emo music because they cut themselves, or cut themselves because they listen to emo music?

I have a fifteen year old, emo sister. I was always like another mother to her. I don't know where I went wrong. I don't know how I failed.
You let her live to fifteen.

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10 years ago

Chopper was listening to My Chemical Romance when he lopped his ears off....

In that case Vincent Van Gogh was the world's first emo.

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If he had a cardigan over the top of his uniform with the cuffs unbuttoned and the tails hanging out, then yes.

In that picture he could have easily stepped out as a contender for lead singer of Human League.
he wishes..