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Existing [24 Sep 2008|11:47am]

[ mood | curious ]

Scott Adams wrote this on The Dilbert Blog, and it got me to thinking so much I had to share it:

One of my favorite thoughts, and I think it came from a movie, is that the reason to get married is to have a witness to your life. It's the sort of idea that might not strike you immediately as brilliant, but over time it unfolds.

Another great quote along those same lines - and I wish I knew who said it - goes something like "You're not a writer until a writer tells you you're a writer." I had that experience when Dilbert was first accepted for syndication, and my editor told me I was a cartoonist. Until that moment, I wasn't. Literally the moment she told me I was a cartoonist, the quality of my drawing improved about 30%.

I think this is the same reason little kids continuously chirp "Mommy, look at me! Look at me!" They are struggling to get a witness, to know they exist.

It's nice to think that you can be your own person, true and accountable to no one but yourself, but I don't think life works that way. We are what other people allow us to be. We exist more in their perceptions than in our own, if you had some way to add it all up and compare.

I was thinking of this as I finished a first draft of my survey of economists. (Yes, you will see it. I need to get it right.) I sent it to my friend whose opinion I value, asking for some comments. As I sent it, I realized my writing doesn't fully exist until he comments. It lives in some sort of Schroedinger's cat half-state. If he likes it, then it becomes real. If not, it will quickly seem as though it never existed. I will rewrite from scratch.

The key to life is picking the right witnesses. Thanks for being mine.

Well, is it true?

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Reality [29 Feb 2008|08:58am]

Is there such a thing as absolute reality? Or is all reality relative to who is perceiving it?
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[23 Aug 2007|10:08am]

Bleary eyed i face the day. Ever had one of those nights where you fully intend to get a solid 8 hours and instead end up devouring books till sunrise? Nothing beats a good read for sheer immersion. 
Anyway-my brains feeling pretty mossy right now and though my thoeretical rantology is highly stymied via the keyboard (honestly-get me chatting and my linguistic flair puts bob dobbs to shame) i thought i'd throw this out there..

Do ya reckon the internet with its hyperlinked nature of information distribution and disemination is one of humanities baby steps into evolving a kind of non local,quantum/holographic conciousness? Think about it. 
Oh and also the alchemic use of binary code =the rosetta stone?
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Who you are is not who you THINK you are ... [14 Jun 2007|09:37pm]

I'm a friend of Andi's who has shared similar mystical experiences with him, and based on the other posts in this channel, this is the most appropriate place.

My current concern is with the mind, and by association, the astral plane that connects all minds together. Now it is known that beings, astral entities, exist on the astral plane that do not have a physical counterpart. People such as Robert Monroe in his Journeys books has described that when passing through the astral plane that the creatures there often exhibit parasitic tendencies and try to connect themselves to you unless you can avoid or disperse them.

As physical beings we have astral counterparts. These counterparts are basically composed of our experiences, our thoughts, our imaginings. When we think we are experiencing the reality of these counterparts. Imagination is the astral self viewing its astral surroundings, which are as fluid as thought itself, creating scenarios and changing its reality on a whim.

Carlos Castaneda has said in his books that there are entities that he calls the Flyers, which are astral parasites that feed off human energy. There seems to be an unseen war going on on the astral plane, where these parasites connect themselves to ... you guessed it ... our astral counterparts ... feeding off us, draining our energy, instilling in us fear, and negativity, and depression, and all the negatives that mindstuff can generate.

He says a strong mind is the best defense against the predators. But it is hard to develop a strong mind when you are being fed on by these entities, especially when they keep telling you that they don't exist, and not to believe in evil things, and I'm just telling you lies and stupidity.

Wouldn't a parasite try to convince its host that it's not really there, so it can go on feeding?

Since these beings feed off emotional intensity, it is in their own best interests to generate as much of it as they can. But doing it on an individual scale can't feed the herd. They have formed a symbiotic relationship with certain people, a devil's bargain. In exchange for giving their hosts worldly power they get lots of food.

Who has worldly power? Kings ... presidents ... people in positions of power whose decisions can create massive amounts of emotional energy, such as fear or anxiety ... war is an excellent generator of emotional food for the Predators. Scaring your populace through secretly-engineered terrorist threats generates food for them. Despite whose side someone says they are on, they are puppets to the Puppet Masters on the astral plane, who manipulate everyone for their own ends.

And they have been doing it for thousands of years.
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Anyone watching? [13 Jun 2007|03:12pm]

Before I post a stream of consciousness here I just want to make sure people are paying attention.

Howdy. :-)
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[12 Feb 2007|11:01pm]

What metaphorical meanings would you get from the phrase "message in a Klein bottle?" (I encourage you to go look up Klein bottles, they're really neat even if you absolutely hate math.) I want to use the phrase as a title for something, but I'm afraid it will be criticized because the metaphorical meanings of such a title might not correctly apply to the stuff I am going to write.

Also this community... I just found it and I love the idea, but there seems to not be much activity. Is there a more active one that people found, or is this all there is for people with such thoughts on LJ?
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Knowledge [22 Jan 2007|10:00am]

If it were possible to know everything, given the choice, would you choose to do so?

I'd have to think about it for a long while, and I'm leaning towards the "no".
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[19 Dec 2006|02:34am]

Current music:17 boys have faith in pornography

Are you a participant or a consumer?
The days of golden god are over,the need for archetypal avatars is fading. During the 20th century we were dependant on a top down media disseminating information and cultural memes, (i.e-they report,we imbine,they create,we consume) but those days are over. We are now all stars in a DIY firmament . The internet is a grand grand thing despite the proliferation of shit that plagues it-it has set us free. Even time magazine agrees,a risky move for any form of print based media. BEHOLD:http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1569514,00.html?aid=434&from=o&to=http%3A//www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0%2C9171%2C1569514%2C00.html
No longer can we whinge,cringe and complain without the realisation that its up to US to create an alternative. To create a (sub) culture that truly includes us all. To speak for ourselves,to add spice to the global stew,to camwhore ourselves on myspace. This century oughta be very interesting in terms of information dissemination and the ability to create our own signals. It's bound to enhance our evolutionary drive and throw the onus back on active participation as opposed to passive consumption-which can only be a good thing.

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Something to say [28 Nov 2006|02:17am]

Hello, all, I"m new and here are a few of my thoughts lately.

Carrots and SticksCollapse )
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[22 Nov 2006|10:22am]

Do you ever wonder if some celebrities, or political or other leaders, are actually practising hypnosis?

Maybe when we describe someone as being charismatic, there's more to it than that.

I'm just remembering when I first watched Clinton say "I did not have relations with that woman" ...and I believed him.
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[14 Nov 2006|04:23pm]

What would chairs look like if our knee's bent the other way?
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[14 Nov 2006|10:19am]

This isn't philisophical...it just really ticks me off.

Anyway, why is it that so many insults of men...(dickless, boob, and other words that we all know and I won't use here)...are implying that the worst thing you can say about a man is that he is, or is like, a woman?

I know it works in reverse, but not so much.

For that matter, if one uses a racist epithet to describe a person of a different ethnic background, they can be charged under racial villification laws. But there are no sexual villification laws against calling a woman a "chick" or even worse.

It seems as though, although every decent person wants a world without racism, a certain amount of sexism is just accepted by society, and always will be.
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Wrapped in Synchronicity [08 Nov 2006|12:59am]

Was up till 3.30 this morning poring over Watsons impeccable book 'lifetide' and it left me with some startling realisations. Almost all my speculative theories arrived upon via epiphanies and psychadelic insights have been at least partially confirmed by the schools of molecular biology and/or physics. This is not surprising when you consider the '100th Monkey Syndrome' which i have also attempted to explain and extrapolate in recent posts without even knowing of its existence details. Basically-it involves a study made that indicates after one breakthrough or development in ideas or physcological development occurs it is then aped and adapted by other members of the species or tribe who learn through mimicry or proximity how to integrate the development. But after a certain number of 'monkeys' attain this meme it seems to become part of the common stock of the collective unconcious and is readily available to all as sorm form of revelation or intrinsic insight. You might remember some earlier rambling posts i made about the mature of memetic dissemination along these lines and here it is confirmed and given a tangible mechanistic set of variables. Whoa! This is but one of many of my speculative insights that have been the subject of confirmation after the fact and it left me wondering-this particular book was published in the year of my birth. Could i have been one of the '100th monkeys' born with access to this knowledge written into my RNA?

And now to another odd phenomenon-that of synchronicities. I'm yet to determine the significance of this but in the introduction to Lifetide ,watson describes an encounter with a small girl who was in posession on an uncanny ability to seemingly warp the nature of from and literally 'turn a tennis ball inside out' without breaking its spherical seal.Leats leave the inevitable incredulity at such a statement at the door for a moment as i get to my point. The next day i found a tennis ball sitting on my couch. Where the fuck did it come from? I dont own any tennis balls and it certainly wasnt there the day before.My first reaction is that someone must brought it into the house and left it there-we had many visitors that week,but then of them from my knowledge are tennis afficionados! So before i ponder illuminati style paranoias and delusions please my friends-if you left the ball-let me know!
It reminds me of a similar experience i had whilst reading Robert anton Wilson and Robert Sheas startling 'Illuminatus Trilogy' for the first time (which i devoured in a single 3 days and nights speed addled sitting). Soon after a scene which involved a hypnotic suggestion resulting in the hallucination of a character hanged and disembowled i recieved a phonecall asking for a certain 'george dorn'. I wasnt quite with my senses at the time so casually replied -"nah-wrong number" but as soon as i hung up it hit me like a bolt of lightning. That was the character in the book. Curioser and curioser.
Theres a lot more to this but i'm gonna wind it up and speculate further before continuing to ramble but i'd be interested to share any tales of odd synchronous events or portents with others!
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Free Will [01 Nov 2006|01:12pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

One of my major sources of thought provocation is Scott Adams' blog. Sure, he's best known as the Dilbert cartoonist, but his cynical/controversial spin on the world often leads to interesting posts. (Okay, okay, I think the man is an unheralded genius).

Anyway, in this post* he writes about free will - how we often think we're exercising our free will when we are not, and how corporations, governments etc manipulate us this way. After reading what's in that post, I'll add an example: the oft-cited statistic that around 85% of people will turn right upon entering a store, approximately co-relating to the proportion of the general population who are right-handed. Well I'm left handed and I usually turn right when I enter a store, through a life time of conditioning that that's where the most interesting stuff is.

Besides, how much free will do we really exercise in life? Think of all the things we "have" to do. There's the matter of obeying the laws, then take it down a notch and we have to go to work (or Centrelink, or whatever), then on the next level we have to eat enough vegetables, be polite in company, repair the air-conditioner...then getting down even further to where the guilt kicks in, if I'm passing someone collecting for the Salvation Army, I "have" to give a few dollars...

Do we really exercise free will in our lives, or merely live according to the unwritten rules society has set up through convention to prevent all from being chaos?

* In writing this post, Adams obviously wasn't thinking of John Howard. Nevertheless, you'll kind of have to read it to get my point.

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Haute Library [25 Oct 2006|02:47am]

Just been reading an absolute headfuck of a book called 'LIFETIDE" by lyall watson. Its amazing how synchrnoicity works sometimes. It unifies and extrapolates most if not all of the theories dancing round my head at the moment and gives me absolutely acres of new things to ponder. The combination of pure science and jungian speculation are superb. I'm only 1/3 of the way through it and i'd certainly have to list it as a major source of goodness for all inquisitive souls. It begins with the line 'now is not the time for certainty..' *swoons*
Anyway-i wanted to start a thread where we could post a list of recommended reading or 'brain books', anything that we have found either enlightening,puzzling or merely immensely readable.
I'll start by suggesting some classics that really deal with the nub of what i envisaged this community to be about

My all time favourite writer,but of particular fondness to me are both NARZISS AND GOLDMUND and THE GLASS BEAD GAME
Unting east and west,science and mysticysm,high and low brow in an very thought provoking and applicable fashion.
Okay so theres a lot of fanciful hard ons for technology and misguided futurism in 'chaos and cyberculture' but the man is a genius and his life story immensely readable.

Some other authors who have been an immense influence include ,ALDOUS HUXLEY,GEORGE ORWELL,and WILHELM REICH.
I'll add more to this list shortly...in the meantime please contribute so i might have some new memes to hunt out at the library.
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Alternative realities [23 Oct 2006|11:04am]

It might seem a bit odd that Red Dwarf is listed as an interest for the community, but apart from being a tremendous show, it's also got alot of scientific/philisophical points to ponder.
One I find particularly interesting is the theory of limitless alternative realities, as outlined in "Dimension Jump":

BONGO: Ever hear of a thing called the dimension theory of reality?

ACE: Doesn't that run along the lines of, there is an infinite number of parallel universes where every possibility exists?

BONGO: It's along those lines, yeah. The basic tenet states that for every decision that's made, the alternative decision is played out in another reality.

This is an idea which has been explored in other series (see Futurama's "The Farnsworth Parabox" for example). It's a fascinating idea...limitless universes where every alternative is played out. It could be something as minor as deciding yes you will have fries with that, to the huge descisions that affect your whole existence. But if you could visit an alternative reality and see an alternative self...would you? Or would you find it too...frightening, though maybe that's not the word...daunting?

Me, I'd like to see what my life would have been like if I hadn't mailed that letter. But maybe not.
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socio economic [20 Oct 2006|01:54pm]

Today a friend told me he thought that all illegal immigrants should be deported immediately from the country. I typed this up, it was an epiphany that struck me, i wrote it up while working, its a little unwieldy to read.

i thought. dangerous.Collapse )
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The Universal Pulse [20 Oct 2006|11:30am]

Okay-so i believe that the basic nature of all matter are vibrations of varying density/frequency and that lends itself to the idea that music is the most transcendent of all artforms because it affects us on a cellular level but just how prevalent is it ion our day to day lives?
One of the main reasons i try and use music to provoke thought/discussion and spread my agenda/manifesto is that I find people are naturally disarmed and their preconceptions tend to waver when an idea is presented in this form. Especially if the lyrics/phonetics are married sympathetically to a certain note or scale. Intuitive musicians have a knack for marrying the right notes to the corresponding themes. A really basic example of this would be how music is used to evoke emotions/sympathies etc etc in movie scores and sappy love ballads etc.
The bible says 'in the beginning was the word' and i'm forever caught musing about whether this was the OHM vibration or something approximating a harmony that contained some kind of mathematical code for the building blocks of all existence.
Advertisers and propaganda merchants have long ago reckoned with the powers of 'the responsive chord' to induce certain states and brain change and history is full of tales of music being used to charm and influence people (such as the tale of orpheus). At any rate i'd love to see some concrete data on this with regards to scales,harmonies, and their mathematic principles. Any takers?
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The long road back [21 Oct 2006|11:27am]

I want to try and share some anecdotal experiences with people who try and quantify the psychological fallout from the 'peak experience' and to discuss how it affects our motivations/aspirations and indeed abilitiy/enthusiasm to continue integrating with the percieved values of our society. That and the struggle to make a philosophical model that includes all the paradoxes inherent in quantum phenomena such as the nature of memetic dissemination of ideas etc etc...
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Rantology 101 [19 Oct 2006|02:06pm]

So-tired of the insular and dogmatic nature of many of the philosphy journals on lj ,Bendiviolet and I have taken the plunge and created a haven for rantology unfettered by empiricism. HAUTETHOUGHT.
High in the perjorative sense as well as high is the 'i just smoked a fattie ' sense. Come one ,come all and rant with gusto and impunity. Spill your thoughts be they scientific,philosophical or poetic and hopefully we can create an evolutionary collective !
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